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Penidiella strumelloidea (Milko & Dunaev, Crous & U. Braun)

Scientific Name:
Penidiella strumelloidea
Milko & Dunaev, Crous & U. Braun
First report of Penidiella strumelloidea (Dothideomycetes: Capnodiales) as a pathogen

Significance: Previously reported only as a saprophyte on the leaves of Carex sp., Penidiella strumelloidea has now been found demonstrating pathogenic behavior in greenhouse cucumbers. Symptoms on cucumber included leaf necrosis with powdery spots, and decaying fruit of affected plants.

Hosts: Carex sp. (sedge), Cucumis sativus (cucumber)

Distribution: Iran, Russia 


Nosrati, S., S. A. Esmailzadeh-Hosseini, and A. Sarpeleh. 2009. First report of Penidiella strumelloidea as a pathogen of greenhouse cucumbers in Iran. Phytoparasitica.