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Bombacoccus aguacatae (Kondo)

Scientific Name:
Bombacoccus aguacatae
Bombacoccus aguacatae, a new scale species found on avocados in Colombia

Significance: A new genus and species of soft scale, Bombacoccus aguacatae, was found infesting the branches and twigs of Persea americana (avocado) in Colombia. Fruits and leaves of infested trees were also affected by sooty mold growing on the scale's honeydew. Because this scale was placed into a new genus and species, there is no other information available concerning its host range and distribution.

Hosts: Collected on the varieties ‘Booth 8’ and ‘Hass’ avocados.

Distribution: Colombia 


Kondo, T. 2010. Description of a new coccid (Hemiptera, Coccidae) on avocado (Persea americana Mill.) from Colombia, South America. ZooKeys 42:37-45.